Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Heritage - a poem by SunBorn Immaculate, circa Fall ’99

The inner cities are littered with the bodies of the banished
Crime covers us like blankets any signs of hope have vanished
In the schools they tend to teach us that our forefathers are fools
The escalation of an argument leaves the victim lying in pools
of vital can one raise a child in the ghettos
where the cops see us as game and bullets slice thru like stilettos?
Brothers rush off to the clinics cause their bodies need curing
Travel underground the subways have the stench of trash and urine
Teenage girls roam the streets with two babies to a stroller
The average hoodlum on the block, his heart is cold like winds polar
Hard to eat and creep when where you sleep is ruled by rats and roaches
Seems that evil is stronger when the veil of night approaches
Guiltless men trapped in prisons cause they try to spread the Word,
but they're ambushed and this is why the Truth is never heard
Stuck for his chain a boy was slain, he only lived to be twelve years
The clouds see this and proceed to bathe the city with their tears
It's our heritage to finish second place in life's race?
It's our heritage to be cleansed from the Earth's face?

Many ask me for solutions but I join them in confusion
How can a woman stay with a man who daily gives her face contusions?
I was told by my Creator that a Goddess should be embraced
Not embarrassed, struck upon, or publicly disgraced
It's our heritage for us to go to war amongst ourselves?
Becoming trophies for the souls who like to place our skulls on shelves?
What we need is unity to develop immunities
against the great disease that ravages our frail communities
Another classic example of self-extermination
Seems the herd loves to dwell in mental hibernation
It's my birthright to walk with the ambitious
but they're hard to find amongst the wicked and malicious
I ask myself this question...Why is ignorance addictive?
It goes against my nature but I tend to be vindictive
against  all of those who deal with hate personified
Too bona fide to deal with anyone linked to a homicide
Now let it marinate, not hear to preach, I'll just illuminate
before another life is lost and churches have to congregate
for funeral processions...his lover has lost her prize possession
It's our heritage to swim free in the Great Sea of Depression?

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